To a cleaner bookcase!

Today’s giveaways include:

Late 80’s Grant Bulldogs memorabilia


5 international postcard stamps from Ireland


Misc. cell phone stuff


Paid stamper


Partial box of tiny ornaments


Misc books


My entire collection of plastic foldout maps


Plastic bird ID booklets / cards


Exercise DVDs


Gardening and yard giveaways

Comment here or on Facebook at let me know what you want!


Tie-down for tents, pets or gutter garden a-frames.  Slightly rusty, still good.


Rope pot hanger.

Gardening cart/hose reel/sink needs a little scrubbing but all the parts and directions are here!

image image

Really dangerous ladder -perhaps you can upcycle it for something else


A 2 foot x 18″? Piece of plexiglass.  One side still covered in plastic.


Put this in the ground, put your hose thru the opening and you won’t squash your plants when watering.  Alternatively, don’t plant things you have to water.


Metal rakes.


Old lighter fluid


Chicken wire


Rabbit wire?  I made up the name but it has smaller openings at the bottom and larger ones on top.  I used it to protect my strawberries.


Speaking of strawberries – a strawberry planter.  I was never able to successfully overwinter strawberries in this pot but it does okay in the spring.  You can plant a lot of different things here.


An over the door wreath holder


June giveaways

Trying a new way of posting today so we’ll see how it goes…

The giveaways this month are:

Bean, pea and carrot seeds


Lettuce, spinach and cucumber seeds


Cosmos, sunflower and misc flower seeds


Some bendy straws that I have had forever!


Two packs holiday napkins, a couple used from one pack.


I am never going to learn Latin, three book and two boxes of flash cards.


Power of myth book


Houseplant sized flower pots


Popup/foldout book of Rome tourist sites about 3″ tall


May batch of giveaways – a.k.a. I’d like to see my kitchen floor again!

Lots of giveaways today – this are currently sitting in my kitchen and I want my floor space back!

EPDM rubber tape for insulating doors/windows


A giant blue “bucket”.  I used this one to carry out debris from remodeling.  Two nice, canvas handles so you can have one person on each side.  Would also be useful as a really, really big laundry basket.  Somewhat scratched inside.

276-1 276-2

Appliance rollers, dirty but still work


I’m not sure what the real name of this stuff is anymore but I’ll call it thermal bubble wrap.


35 pint dehumidifier – got this one from my Grandma years and years ago, works just fine I just got a new more energy efficient one.


Two wall cubes – for displaying your stuff.


Pair of plate hangers, I just couldn’t get the right size for what I was trying to hang.


Stretch film for packing stuff


Replacement hoses for washing machine – also used to connect rain barrels together.  These are brand new.


Mostly complete box of drywall corner tape


Old, kinda rusty saw

287 (1)

Large stock pot, couldn’t see a size.  It’s about 10 inches tall and 12 inches across.  I’ve used it for years to store all my seeds in the basement.


298-288 – cables, crafts, electronics and more

One or more of the above screwdrivers

A USB memory card reader – this reader will take almost any memory card and connect to your computer thru the USB port.

299 (3) 299 (2) 299 (1)

Your choice of earbuds (including a set of the two prong delta headphones)and some computer microphones


If you want to put some of your electronic wiring in thru the wall this will make the opening neater.


Old school hand powered drill


Some more furniture slides – these nail in, I only needed one


Need a headphone extender?  This one is many, many feet long.  Fits into the larger openings like on a CD player in your entertainment center.


A coax cable and some phone cables.


Lets call this photo artistic – a RGB rca cable


Two used decks of cards – 1 Christmas themed


This should be enough to make a set of four wine bottle baskets, directions included

289-1 289

This basket kit makes a spring basket, I don’t have an exact picture but it will be much taller and finish like the one below (but with less adjustments made by cats)  Hand written directions included.

288 (2) 288 (1)

304 -301 – thinking of summer

Time to think of summer, therefore the following items are available for free:

Set of 8 black melamine plates.  I haven’t used these more than a couple of times, downside, not microwave safe.


10,000 lux light therapy lamp.  I used this before I got my Vitamin D levels medically adjusted.  I can’t say for sure if it works or not but since it’s free you can give it a try.


I used these battery powered socks to keep my feet warm before I invested in some awesome toasty boots.  I believe they use 1 D battery per foot (might be a C).


Ready for the beach?  I have one cream and one shell patterned beach towel.

314 thru 305

Drain Cleaner – used it once.  Don’t remember if it was effective or not.  I think I had a hard time getting the cable back in.

313 5 cards and envelopes from Audubon

312 Lots and lots of containers of flat head screws.  I despise flat heads so if you can use them, they are yours!

311Spamalot playbill from their first time thru Chicago, when they were still doing “The Cow Song”

310A chuck key that doesn’t fit anything that I own

309A pack of fuses that I used to have to use in my 1991? Honda Civic because every time I put the radar detector cord in the cup holder while it was still plugged in it blew a fuse.  Fun times.

308Two new replacement sash locks for windows.  I have modern windows now so I don’t need these anymore.

307A motorola cell phone charger fro your car

306Pampered Chef bamboo cheese cutting board

305Container Store jewelry drawer insert with plastic lid (which still has the plastic unpeeled).  This is too wide for my current drawers.