Time for a new year – my 365 project

It’s another year and once again time to free myself from some things. I’ve been giving away items for several years but this time it’s my 2016 priority.   I’ll be touching everything in my house and between 365 and 1,000 items will be leaving permanently.  You, lucky reader, can be the beneficiary.

Most items will be free, some items will have a charge.  If you are interested in an item comment on the item or send me a Facebook Message.  I will remove items from the “Available” category once they have been claimed.  There is a limit of five free items per person.

I started in December so I’d have lots of stuff to start this project.  If you want to play along at your house I’ll be following the “52 Week Organized Home Challenge” (search that on the internet to see the website).  To keep things interesting, I’ll be mixing up the things I’m offering so it won’t be an entire week of things from the same category.

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